Opportunities for employees of Deutsche Telekom: The internal incubator UQBATE

UQBATE is an innovation program at Deutsche Telekom AG, hosted by Executive Board member Claudia Nemat. It empowers employees with ideas for new business to develop their ideas into new business step-by-step. Within Telekom Innovation Contest, UQBATE evaluates the ideas of Telekom employees. The best team will even have the chance to join the UQBATE program, to get funding and to bring their idea as project lead to life.

The submission and selection process for employees differs from the processes for external ideas

According to the application phase applications for the UQBATE Pre-Incubation Program is open until October 15, 2015. To apply, fill in the application form (download here) and send it to UQBATE@telekom.de.

UQBATE Startup Days & Demo Day

The best applicants will be invited to the fourth UQBATE Startup Days in Cologne from November 4 until 6, 2015. Participants coming from all over Europe are expected to join the kick-off of the UQBATE Pre-Incubation Program.

Besides getting to know each other and the UQBATE network, program and methodology, the intrapreneurs will be work in teams to concretize their ideas further by additional customer interviews, further business modeling and first prototyping in order to further develop their business models until the UQBATE Demo Day at T-Gallery in Bonn in December  2015.

Supported by experienced UQBATE Mentors, the teams will evaluate and concretize their ideas step-by-step before finally pitching the result of their work in front of a jury. The group of internal and external jurors will award the best teams, which will present their ideas to the jury of experts in December in Bonn.

T-Parking: Last years winner

Last year’s winners T-Parking, from the Czech Republic, developed an app for finding on and off street parking. The iOs app, which is called Franelero, is programmed while the android app currently runs in Beta. They are currently running a pilot in Prague, Czech Republic and plan to launch officially next year.

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