Pilots, T-City, Betas: What happened to previous winners of TIC?

„For Deutsche Telekom, startups are an important source of impulses and we are always seeking for entrepreneurs.“ Heinrich Arnold, Senior Vice President Innovation & Laboratories of Deutsche Telekom and Global Head of Telekom Innovation Laboratories, who inititated Telekom Innovation Contest together with his colleagues from T-Mobile Poland and Magyar Telekom.

In today’s competition of ICT companies, Deutsche Telekom is bringing together different projects, backrounds, expertise and experiences, in one contest. In the past three years, Deutsche Telekom supported winners and runner-ups in developing and promoting their products and will prospectively. Learn more about three of them and their cooperations with Deutsche Telekom Group.

Excalibur: Pilot with T-Mobile Poland

Offering a seamless authentication system, Excalibur won the first TIC in 2013. The team from Slovakia was the first team accelerated by hub:raum Krakow, they developed their mobile authentication solution in cooperation with T-Mobile Poland.

CEO Ivan Klimek says: „We worked closely with Deutsche Telekom, lots of them in person meetings that sometimes were really tough as we wanted to verify, that our crypto is sound. It was intense, but worth it. We knew that, when we can stand the criticism of the best experts, Deutsche Telekom can throw at us then it might not be such a bad idea to build this cryptosystem.“

But not only Telekom supported the team – from march 2015 on, Excalibur was successfully enrolled to EU’s Horizon 2020 programme and received funding. Now their first Beta version is available for Android and iOS.

Cubilog: Implementation in Hungarian T-City

The Hungarian team Cubilog was the runner-up of TIC 2013. In April 2014 Cubilog started its first pilot project with Magyar Telekom in the T-City of Szolnok, Hungary.

As the 2nd T-City, besides the small German city Friedrichshafen, Szolnok offers its citizens, tourists and companies innovative products and applications based on the latest ICT innovations. Prototypes, firmware, cloud and also the pilot infrastructure have been delivered by Cubilog for Szolnok Greenhouse Garden.

The pilot ran successfully, and their product is currently working as a smart M2M-system in the Public Flower Glass House of Szolnok’s Local Government. Additionally, the team is looking for further possibilities of utilization, mainly for the use at home and in the automated industry.

T-Parking|Franelero: Pilot in Prague

The internal winner of last year’s TIC, T-Parking, offers an app, where people can find, book and pay free parking spots. The team was coached in the Pre-Incubator Programme of Deutsche Telekoms internal incubator UQBATE in 2014. After that, their first complete working version was finished. The iOs app, which is called Franelero, is developed, while the android app is currently running in Beta. Now they are running a pilot project in Prague, Czech Republic and are planning to officially launch next year.

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