Meet the TIC15 teams: Gemino

Category: Industry 4.0 / IoT


Country: Italy


Mauro Moiolo (CEO)
Vito Monterosso (CTO)
Matteo Ferrari (CFO)

What is Gemino about

The project outcome is AGSuite: a distributed service provisioning platform to ease development and deployment of applications for the IoT and Industry 4.0 markets.

Starting from the simple fact that the IoT cannot exist without an internet connection, this project aims at bringing to industrial readiness and market introduction an innovative open platform that enables the mass adoption of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions enabling Smart scenarios by leveraging existing and forthcoming wired broadband connections and broadband gateways. Such platform is conceived to operate as both an hardware and software agnostic environment thanks to which heterogeneous services can be supplied to the market by multiple providers over a unique and share Broadband Network infrastructure.

By directly installing applications into the Smart Gateways, we are (i) cutting away the technological gap between Smart Applications providers and broadband technologies, (ii) elevating the routers from a dumb device to a strategic service hub and (iii) providing a network independent infrastructure to manage IoT data and services.

Statement from Mauro Moiolo (CEO)

“For 2016 we focus on two main goals: First, we want to finalize and bring to the market some vertical implementations of services that belong to the Smart Gateway and were discussed in 2015 in order to have some volumes installed in field. Second, we aim to increase the application and vertical services portfolio developed by 3-parties.”

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