Meet the TIC15 teams: Cassantec

Category: Industry 4.0 / IoT


Country: Germany


One of three winners of the virtual final: participant of Bitkom hub conference


Moritz von Plate (CEO)
Dr. Frank Kirschnick (CTO)
Paul Boeck (Core Solution Developer)
Julia Heggemann (Business Development Manager)
Marina Zwjagina (Business Development Manager)

What is Cassantec about

Cassantec was launched out of the desire to understand the future based on data. Our first applications were found in the industrial arena, where we offer a predictive maintenance tool that prognosticates future risk of asset failure. Our forecasts provide mission-critical information to render maintenance strategies more efficient and to avoid unexpected costly plant shut-downs. This offering perfectly suits any asset operator, be it a utility, an oil & gas company, an industrial facility or a transportation company.

Cassantec’s prognostic reports are based on large quantities of condition and process data taken from the industrial assets during daily operations. We integrate this existing data through an advanced computational model, which is based on a new combination of quantitative techniques (Markov, Bayes). The applicability of the solution is proven for many types of rotating and non-rotating equipment.

Statement from Moritz von Plate (CEO)

“We aim at becoming known as The Prognostics Company. We utilize massive data streams and state-of-the-art algorithms to render mission-critical foresight. Our prognoses span a multitude of industrial applications as well as verticals as diverse as automotive and quantified self.”

This is what the jury of the virtual final says

Michal Dunaj, Telekom Innovation Laboratories: “Cassantec team has in hands a tool for predictive maintenance, knowing even in advance when does an industrial equipment fail. Our Telekom Innovation Contests connects under the category of Industry 4.0/IoT application, teams like Cassantec, who are part of the new era companies making digital transformation of our industries possible – right now. It fits with industrial oriented propositions of Deutsche Telekom. We are happy to present Cassantec to leaders in our innovation community”

More information


Twitter @cassantec

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