Meet the TIC15 teams: Resecure

Category: Smart Data Analytics


Country: Germany


Christian Pereira (CEO)
Jean Pascal Pereira (Product, Co-founder)
Nasanin Bahmani (Data Protection)
Daniel Bracht (Marketing)

What is Resecure about

9 out of 10 companies are attacked, 20% of e-commerce-sites have already been hacked.
Cyber-attacks are enhanced by the wide adoption of component-based infrastructures like WordPress, Magento or shopware (>90% of the websites). Exploits for the main infrastructures are shared between hackers in almost no period of time.
SMB are disadvantaged: The threat is going ‘long tail’, but cyber security is still a highly specialised domain. Services and infrastructure for cyber protection are expensive and need domain knowledge to be efficient. Most of the current solutions are dedicated to single purpose use like malware scans or DDoS shields and tailored to needs of corporate clients. The resulting level of complexity as well as knowledge and resources needed prevents SME from protecting themselves.

resecure provides a self-deployment, self-service SaaS which covers all relevant website-security needs within a single browser-based product. E-commerce-shops can protect themselves in a matter of minutes, no domain knowledge and no investments in infrastructure are needed. The SaaS is offered subscription based. Immediate benefits, one-click-installation, intuitive handling and affordable prices are highly attractive for SMB customers.

Statement from Christian Pereira (CEO)

“We want to make cyber security useable and affordable for the long-tail and become the #1 security-SaaS provider for SMB. 2016 will be the launch year of our security-SaaS. We are excited about our go-to-market.
Our plan is growth: in terms of user, enlarging our team and extending our footprint by partnerships for technology, service and sales. Co-operation with Deutsche Telekom will help us to scale up even faster on high-end infrastructure with the resources of a world-class partner.”

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