UQBATE Demo Day: jury awards winners of the internal competition for Telekom’s intrapreneurs

Telekom Innovation Contest is not only looking for smart innovators to connect to Deutsche Telekom. The contest also aims to foster innovation from inside the company with supporting the internal incubator UQBATE. This innovation initiative is hosted by Executive Board member Claudia Nemat. It empowers employees with ideas to develop new businesses step-by-step.

UQBATE pre-incubation program

After the common submission phase at Telekom Innovation Contest, the UQBATE team invited 25 applicants out of 55 to their Boot Camp “UQBATE Startup Days” at the beginning of November. The event which actually is a Startup-Weekend clone took place on three days, where the teams worked on five ideas with design-thinking methods on how to validate their business ideas in the market fast and cost-efficient.

Seven international pitches at UQBATE Demo Day

As a follow up event, on November 30 the Demo Day took place in the lobby of Telekom Headquarter in Bonn. Johannes Nünning, founder of UQBATE, highlighted that not only a brilliant idea is needed to create successful innovations, much more important is a passionate team to start it up, and learn fast!

Johannes Nünning, Founder of UQBATE.

Seven international teams pitched to a jury of internal and external Innovation Experts, e.g. of Hightech Gruenderfonds. The presented ideas addressed solutions from automated network planning, location based communication, management consultancy, to eLearning and a supportive app for missed calls.

Each team had five minutes to convince the jury and potential investors by presenting their project and by answering most important questions: Which real problem are you addressing, and how will this make money?

Each, Jury and audience, awarded one team to pitch in front of a management team to get more time and money in early 2016, besides working for Deutsche Telekom. Congratulations to Möbius and Native Guides.

Möbius and Native Guides convinced the jury and can move on to pitch for time and money

The jury picked team “Möbius” as most promising. Ralf Hippelein aims to foster automation of network planning and to use drones and sensors instead of todays analog methods. Together with an automated assembly technology, the costs could be cut by several Mio. Euro.

The second winner team was chosen by the audience. The Greek and German team “Native Guides” connects inhabitants and visitors when it comes to explore a destinations during holidays. Their platform provides touristic highlights and insider tips in several categories.

The lucky winners: Ralf Hippelein with "Möbius"...

...and the team from "Native Guides": Tom Gehder, Martin Bahr, Georgios Avramidis, Uwe Wendler and Katerina Andreadou

Support from Executive Board Member Claudia Nemat

The UQBATE program is hosted by Claudia Nemat, Executive Board Member Europe and Technology of Deutsche Telekom. In her keynote she underlined that new impulses rarely come up in established structures of corporations, but by thinking and acting unconventionally. Hence, she embraces UQBATE because it empowers employees and thus fosters an entrepreneurial culture for Telekom.

Claudia Nemat, Executive Board Member of Deutsche Telekom, hosts UQBATE.

Last year’s winners “T-Parking” from Czech Republic confirmed this supportive program by telling their story. The team developed a big-data platform to deal with on- and off-street parking input without applying additional hardware on the ground. The platform is made assessible with an iOS app, currently in closed beta, which is called “Franelero”,. The team scheduled the launchof a pilot in Prague, Czech Republic next year. Furthermore, it is contemplated to spin this project out as a legal entity, potentially supported by an external investor which currently values T-Parking at a one-digit Mio. EUR level.

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