Telekom Innovation Contest start-ups presented at Bitkom hub conference

At Bitkom hub conference on December 10 the start-ups Cassantec, Kinexon and Teradrill presented their ideas to an international start-up community at the booth of Telekom Innovation Contest. These three teams were the winner of a virtual final, within all finalists of the competition.

The conference is bringing together tech entrepreneurs, enterprises and politicians from all over the world, to talk about trends and cooperations. Besides workshops and panel discussions one of the main focuses was the networking with influencial people of the community. People like Dr. Heinrich Arnold, Senior Vice President Deutsche Telekom and Global Head of Telekom Innovation & Laboratories, who is looking for tech trends constantly. Together with Dr. Susan Wegner, Vice President Smart Data Analytics & Communication“ of Telekom Innovation Laboratories and Dr. Michal Dunaj, Program Director and one of the founders of the contest, he came along and learned about the products of the three teams.

Industry 4.0 and Smart Data projects presented in Berlin

This is what has been shown at the #TIC15 at Bitkom hub conference:

Kinexon showed a live-demo of their product – a 3D-localization and motion sensing solution. You can use this e.g. in the health industry to indicate downfalls or other industries to control transportsystems or tool-detecting.

Cassantec creates solutions for the Industry 4.0, to understand the future, based on data. This solution is a „predictive maintenance“-tool to reduce downtimes of machines.

The third team, Teradrill, is building software for IOT-networks to intelligently manage the volume and complexity of network messages using compute resources on remote IOT devices.

The Bitkom hub conference in Berlin was the showdown of TIC in 2015 for the teams and the Telekom Innovation Contest, next stop will be the Innovation Expo Budapest.

Final event in Budapest

Magyar Telekom is organising the Innovation Expo in Budapest in early 2016 – an exclusive get-together of tech start-ups and Deutsche Telekoms business units. A start-up exhibition, pitches and networkig will set new pulses and cooperations. Out of all applicants, ten teams were invited to this event: Three selected teams per category plus one wild card winner. These entrepreneurs will present themselves in front of an audience and get the chance to  increase their network .

See a recap on Bitkom hub conference here and some pictures below:


Kinexon and Dr. Michal Dunaj, Program Director of TIC.

Dr. Susan Wegner and Fatih from Teradrill.

Networking with high level executives: Dr. Susan Wegner, Dr. Michal Dunaj and Dr. Heinrich Arnold with Teradrill.

Marina and Julia from Cassantec with Dr. Heinrich Arnold.

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