Meet the TIC15 teams: PersonalVideo

Category: Future Communication


Country: Hungary


Krisztian Varga (CEO)
Tamas Presing (CTO)
Peter Varga (CSO)
Rita Sebők (CCO)
Zsolt Berta (Strategist)
Bence Varhelyi (Business Development)

What is PersonalVideo about

PersonalVideo creates unique, personalized and interactive videos automatically from any database. Our solution affects multiple senses, making it far more memorable than conventional marketing-communication methods. It offers sales support, customer-service assistance and helps brand-communication. Furthermore, by allowing big companies to treat their customers individually – yet automatically, simply and quickly through PersonalVideo – the provided content also becomes an experience, rather than an annoyance, boosting customer-satisfaction and loyalty in the long run.

Statement from Peter Varga (CSO)

“With Personal video’s interactive video solution we want to open a new era in (the field of) pro-active and personally tailored customer communication. Our technology is ready, and after several successful results with small companies, we would like to make a pilot testing with an international partner, like Deutsche Telekom.”

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