Meet the TIC15 teams: Shopboostr

Category: Wild Card Winner


Country: Germany


Dimitri Haußmann (CEO & Co-Founder)
Hendrik Vlaanderen (CTO & Co-Founder)
Stephan Schindler (CTO & Co-Founder)

What is Shopboostr about

Shopboostr help online businesses to deliver a personalised and pleasing user experience. Through the use of big data collection, our algorithms automatically create user profiles and test different marketing campaigns for each customer.
As an outcome, we are able match every customer with the right marketing activity at the right moment throughout their customer journey! Our solution is free to install, works with any online platform and offers a performance based pricing model.

Statement from Dimitri Haußmann (CEO)

“With Shopboostr we want to change the way how online retailers interact with their customers. Nowadays customers don´t want to spend a lot of time to search for products that fit to their profile – instead they want to get well-chosen and curated content which is completely personalised to their needs. With Shopboostr we provide the technology to enable that step towards the Ecommerce Personalisation 4.0.

The year 2015 was already fantastic for us: We’ve launched our new technology into the market, get a lot of cutomer traction and became profitable within a short time-period. For 2016 we are planning to rollout our innovative SaaS technology across Europe and get next to our recent collaboration with Affilinet & Zanox additional strategic partners on board!”

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