Meet the TIC15 teams: Blindshell

Category: Future Communication


Country: Czech Republic


Daniel Novak (Co-Founder, CEO)
Petr Svobodnik (Co-Founder, CTO)
Jan Simik (Business Development)
Elzbieta Jaros (Country Manager Germany)
Pavel Dostal (Developer and Testing)
Michal Jelinek (Product Development and Testing)
Martin Procházka (Consultant Assistive Technologies)

What is Blindshell about

BlindShell is an innovative smartphone that seeks to solve a major social problem by assisting visually impaired people to utilize modern touchscreen smart phones. There are 285 million visually impaired people worldwide, 39 million of whom are completely blind. Additionally, it is estimated that there are currently 438 million people around the globe experiencing some form of vision loss. This number is tipped to increase by a considerable by 2020, which will be 7.4% of global population (WHO). BlindShell addresses this problem by providing a simple, intuitive and low-cost phone with optimized application.

The application replaces the phone’s default interface with an easy-to-use interface controlled by touch gestures and voice commands (now in beta), giving visually impaired people the ability to communicate and use an expanding set of tools. We have built BlindShell Pro solution which we are selling in developed countries. We are working on BlindShell Easy for developing world.

Statement from Daniel Novak (CEO)

„With Blindshell we want to go global. To achieve this, we would like to address new distribution channels and offer to our clients package including data or call bundle.“

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