Successful cooperation: Italian start-up Gemino helps spinning wind turbines in Germany

Predictive maintenance is one of the buzzwords in the booming IoT sector. How can I monitor my facilities to avoid downtime caused by machine outage? Or home automation – controlling light, temperature or WiFi from anywhere you like. The Berlin based team M2MGO has the answer to all these questions. It enables their customers to create individual IoT apps via content management system (CMS) – the “Wordpress of IoT”. Their apps are suitable for all devices – multivendor-capability – and are used to monitor eg. electric car loading stations, assembly lines or wind turbines. Models of those can be seen at hub:raum Berlin, where the team is incubated since last June. A small factory and wind engine plus solar panel show exemplary how an IoT network is controlled with their app. Amongst others, devices as motors, sensors, a Raspberry Pi and a M2M module from Gemalto are assembled for secure, redundant and almost real-time communication over MQTT– and TIC15 team Gemino’s gateway AGSuite. The resulting Multistakeholder-Apps let the headquarter monitor and analyse the big data and the operations staff control the different assets remotely.

The model shows how the factory is controlled via App.

When linking many different devices to one complex network to digitize a factory, a gateway provides security and controlling options. Gemino addresses this need by offering a distributed service provisioning platform, the AGSuite. It enables the deployment of applications for smart home and smart energy through the fixed broadband network.

In 2015, Gemino CEO Mauro Moioli and M2MGO Business Development Director Kevin-Louis Pawelke met at an event. Figuring out their products could fit, both arranged a test. “Gemino’s product suits our needs perfectly and we recommend it to our customers.” states Kevin-Louis Pawelke. M2MGO is a great example of 3-parties platform that leverages on AGSuite functionalities to turn on IoT oriented services. Mauro Moioli: “Seeing AGSuite in action is the foretaste of how we can cooperate with Deutsche Telekom to grow in the market, with a proposition that enables the end- customers to build their user experience and services in a real IoT open approach.”

To develop their products further and growing their businesses this year, both M2MGO and Gemino are looking forward to further common projects.

Gemino's AGSuite

M2MGO team at hub:raum Berlin

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